My name is Jim Peterson.  I live in Missouri with my wife Merry and
                                             our cat Little Bit.  That's Little Bit in the photo with me.
                                             Over the past few years with Merry's help I have written 11 stories for
                                             children and cat lovers of all ages.  Most of the stories are about kittens
                                             but there is one about an adventurous baby bear, one about a curious
                                             frog and one about the history of rabbits and why they look the way
                                             they do now.  There is also a photo/caption book about two of our cats.
                                            These stories are FREE for you to PREVIEW here and/or go to Amazon.com to buy.

Several of the stories have been published but not widely distributed.  The publisher has gone out of business so we have
converted them to ebooks and put them on Amazon to make them available for children to read and hopefully enjoy.

You will find descriptions of the stories and a preview for each story below.  Some of the stories are humorous, some
are adventurous, some have cat care and training hints or information, some have subtle hints about behavior and minding
parents, one is a mystery, some have a twist at the end and one or two may bring a happy tear to your eye but they will all leave you smiling at the end.

These stories are not illustrated.   The only pictures are on the covers with the exception of Lucy's story which consists of photos with comments.  Lucy's story is also one of the slideshows.

Help yourself and enjoy the previews.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Little Bit
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Hi again,

Here are the two FREE slideshows I promised.
Grampa's Twisted Nursery Rhymes                     Lucy's  Story

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We hope you enjoyed the slideshows.  While you are here go back to the top and read the previews of our books.  We are sure you will like what you read and want to find out how each story ends.

That will be very easy to do because all of our books are very reasonably priced according to the length of the book.

The book Jim's Kitten Tales contains six great stories and you can buy the book for less than $0.95 per story.  Check it out.  Check them all out.  Read the free previews.

We thank you for visiting us and ask you to please tell your friends telling them about our books.

Thank you,
Little Bit, Merry and Jim
Kittens In The Mall is a humorous and energetic tale about four kittens who get out of their cage in a pet store in a shopping
mall.  They have a fun filled evening as their adventures take them from store to store in the mall.  After leaving the pet store
they visit a toy store, a jewelry store, an ice cream store, a clothing store, a card shop, a shoe store and a cheese and sausage
store.  They have a very adventurous night and unintentionally leave a trail of destruction behind them.  A few days later they
are adopted and split up.  However they all reunite on a small farm where their adventures continue.  This story is full of fun
and adventure and also contains some pet care and training information.   (38 pages)
Bent-Tail Bob And The City Kitten is the story of a farm cat who is given the unwelcome task of caring for a naive but friendly city kitten.   The kitten gets into some sticky situations which may or may not be Bob's fault.  As Bob warms to the
kitten he teaches him a few things without scaring the kitten.  Later the kitten has a chance to get even with Bob.  Will he?   (26 pages)
The Journey Of The Winter Kittens is a story about a cat family and their farm dog friend who must find their way to a new farm in early winter.  On their long journey they encounter a very unfriendly dog, a busy highway, a fast moving stream, a fox, lack of food and snow too deep for the kittens to walk in.  The story is full of adventure, a scare or two and has a very interesting ending. (11 pages)
The Summer House Kitten is a touching story about two children who spend part of their summer vacation getting to know and care for a timid kitten who is lost or abandoned.  In the process they learn a lot about animals and how patience and
understanding can be rewarding.   They learn how to cope with some of life's problems and their own health situations.  This
story is sure to bring a smile to your face and maybe a tear to your eye.   (15 pages)
The Stinky Little Kitten is about a kitten who's curiosity and playfullness puts her in a situation that seemingly has no solution.  Even her friends abandon her or so it seems.  Find out how her problem is solved and what she learns from her experience.  (5 pages)
This story is one of six great stories in the book Jim's Kitten Tales.

You get six great tories for less than $.95 per story.
The Gift Of The Christmas Kitten is a slightly different story since it's main focus is on a girl who's life is affected by an unwanted kitten.
It is acceptable if you shed a happy tear at the end of this one. (5 pages)
This story is one of six great stories in the book Jim's Kitten Tales.
The Mystery Of The Midnight Kitten just might send a shiver up your spine and give you something to think about.   It also contains some very important pet care information. (7 pages)
This story is one of six great stories in the book Jim's Kitten Tales.
Kittens Can Be Pumpkins Too is about how a stubborn kitten found a new home just by wanting to stay near a pumpkin. (4 pages)
This story is one of six great stories in the book Jim's Kitten Tales.
Why Rabbits Have Long Ears And Short Tails  This story may not be your normal slice of history pie but it is based on actual rabbit folklore passed down through generations of rabbits from the beginning of rabbit time to the present.
The wise old rabbit who told this story to me swears this story is true and I am not one to argue with an elderly rabbit about his family history.  Although this story may be based on folklore I firmly believe this story to be true.  In fact I will prove that it's true by asking one question at the end of the story. This is the same question the wise old rabbit asked me. (4 pages) This story is one of six great stories in the book Jim's Kitten Tales.
A Busy Day For A Baby Bear is a story about a baby bear who doesn't listen to his mother.  Because of his misbehavior he puts himself in some dangerous situations.  Mama bear comes to the rescue just in time to save him from a situation which he might not have survived.  This baby bear learns that mama knows best.   (14 pages)
Fergus The Frog's Big Adventure is about a curious frog that bites off more than his tummy can carry causing him to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
However he finds a very interesting solution to his problem.   (5 pages)
This story is one of six great stories in the book Jim's Kitten Tales.
We hope you enjoy the stories,
Little Bit, Merry and Jim

No animals were harmed during the writing of these stories.
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